Difference Between OPC And PPC Cement

What is Ordinary Portland Cement?

OPC is produced and used widely by many construction industries. It is made with Argillaceous, mainly used for general construction activities with normal soil conditions. However, it is also used for masonry units. It is highly resistant to cracks or shrinking problems. Also, it has a faster setting time and is highly recommendable for constructions that need early removal of props.

What is Portland Pozzolana Cement?

Portland Pozzolana Cement is mainly used for hydraulic structures, marine structures, or construction near a water body such as dams.PPC is a fine cement; hence it is a great option for plastering. It can give a smooth finish to art sculptures and decoratives. It is an eco-friendly cement that is made out of recyclable materials.

The Difference between PPC and OPC

● OPC is made with argillaceous, gypsum, and calcareous concoction through a grinding process. At the same time, PPC is prepared simply by adding Pozzolanic materials such as calcined clay, volcanic ash, or silica fumes to it.


Both types of cement are used widely in construction places. However, PPC has taken a better position with time than OPC by being a cheaper and greener option. So, read the article well and choose the best for your next construction.



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