Types of Cement Used in Construction Work

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2 min readFeb 25, 2022


There is a plethora of cement available in the construction market. Each type has its own set of properties and is used according to the needs and requirements of the building. A lot of factors work while choosing a cement. So, let us begin with understanding the types available…

  1. Ordinary Portland Cement — Ordinary Portland Cement of OPC is used for general construction work. It is used globally and trusted by millions of people. It is also known as type 1 cement. The cement is made with silicates of alumina and calcium carbonate. Suitable for all kinds of concrete construction
  2. Rapid hardening cement — This type of cement is similar to OPC cement and is usually used in earlier days. The strength of this type of cement is more than OPC with a similar quantity of water. It can get hard in three days or less, making it a more economical option. It is mostly used in road work or prefabricated concrete construction.
  3. Low heat cement — This type of cement is more powerful against sulfates and is less reactive. Also, it is suitable for constructing gravity dams. In addition, using this cement will prevent cracking caused due to heat.
  4. Hydraulic Cement — Hydraulic cement is waterproof, and for this reason, it is set quickly. This type of cement can be used underwater and for construction that requires waterproofing. It is a strong concoction of cement that is rust and corrosion-resistant as well. Therefore, it is well suited in places with normal temperatures.
  5. Suphate Resistant Cement — This type of cement does not react much with water and gradually gains its required strength. It reduces the risk of any unwanted sulfate attack on the concrete. They are usually used in places with a high sulfate presence.
  6. Portland Pozzolana Cement — It is widely used for its high resistant power and mainly used to construct marine structures sewage, and lay underwater concrete such as bridges.
  7. White cement — It is made with materials such as iron oxide and is equivalent to Portland cement. Therefore, it is a costlier option. It is mostly used for ornamental decoration of the building, such as gardens, swimming pools, etc.


Cement plays a crucial role in bringing all things together. It acts as a bonding agent for the building. However, there are many variants when talking of cement’s use in construction work. So Choose Wisely!

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